Erase unwanted tattoos with PicoSure, the world’s first picosecond aesthetic laser treatment available for fast and effective tattoo removal.  FREE CONSUTATION.READ MORE
Constantly trying to cover up Acne Scars, Sun/Age Spots or Discolouration? With little or no down time you can pop in during your lunch hour and be back in the office with time to spare!READ MORE
Cosmetic Tattoo is becoming more and more popular as we as a society become more and more harried but at the same time more conscious of our appearance READ MORE
  Anti-Ageing Injections First Impressions Laser Clinic are very excited to offer a new line of ‘anti-ageing’ treatments with our newest member to our team, Cosmetic Nurse, Monica.READ MORE
Teeth Whitening First Impressions now offer Australian compliant Teeth Whitening. A new smile in less than one hour!  READ MORE

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First Impressions Laser Clinic is owned and run by sisters Mandy and Dani Ford. The sister’s have had the privilege of being successful business partners for the past eight years and are now very excited to introduce the Picosure Laser into their clinic. The PicoSure Laser is the first update in laser technology of this type in 20 years and is producing results never seen before in the treatment of tattoo removal, skin pigmentation, acne scarring, sun and age spot removal.  Both the First Impression’s team with over 20 years experience in the field and their clients are ecstatic with the results of the new PicoSure technology.
First Impressions Laser Clinic is located in Smith Street, Collingwood with 1.5 hour parking available directly across the road on Woolworths rooftop and an 86 tram from Bourke Street in the city will take you right to the clinics door. 

Why Choose Us

  • We only use PicosSure Technology – the first advancement in laser technology in 20 years.
  • Our Laser Technicians have been trained by both international and national Picosure Laser Specialists
  • Tattoo Removal in less than half the treatments as clinics using Q-Switched Lasers.
  • Tattoo Removal in less than half the treatments as clinics using ND: Yag Lasers.

Work in Progress

Tattoo Removal Melbourne


First Impressions Laser Clinic is the future of laser tattoo removal, sun/age spot removal and facial rejuvenation.

Located in heart of the shopping and restaurant precinct of Smith Street, Collingwood.

250 Smith Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066
Phone: (03) 9417 7748
Mobile: 0427 731 176