First Impressions Laser Clinic is the future of laser tattoo removal, sun/age spot removal and facial rejuvenation. One of only four accredited clinics using breakthrough PicoSure® laser technology in Victoria, we are at the forefront of laser removal technology.

First Impressions are dedicated to providing the most advanced, effective and comfortable solution in laser tattoo removal, sun/age spot removal and facial rejuvenation for all their valued clients.

With over 20 years combined experience in the field, our highly trained team will work closely with you to ensure you walk away with maximum results with minimal downtime!

First Impressions’ Client Testimonials

First Impressions win the 2015 WOMO Service Award two years in a row!

In 2014 and 2015 the team at First Impressions won the WOMO award for ‘Excellent Customer Service.  The team at First Impressions are dedicated to ensuring our clients feel well informed, comfortable with their treatment plan and relaxed enough to feel they can take their time throughout treatment.   First Impressions offer a FREE CONSULTATION to ensure all questions and queries are answered.

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We are often too busy or the staff often feel embarrased to ask for reviews, so when our clients leave one for us it is greatly appreciated.  Reviews are a great way to help other individuals who are nervous or unsure about getting their tattoo removed, lightened prior to a cover up or having laser skin revitalisation treatments, feel at ease and take that next step.  Below we have listed some of our reviews and they can also be found at and

Thank you to those who have taken the time to review our work.  It is greatly appreciated.


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