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Facial Rejuvenation, what is it?

Facial Revitalisation Facial Revitalisation is using laser to revitalise your skin, to reduce pores, fine lines and sun damage.  Seeking to revitalise your face is seeking to undo the damage our skin suffers during normal day to day living. Facial Revitalisation at First Impressions Laser Clinic with the PicoSure Laser offers impressive results without the [...]

Laser Tattoo Removal Questions…

Laser Tattoo Removal Questions... When clients contact First Impressions Laser Clinic regarding Laser Tattoo Removal, there are many reasons why a person gets a tattoo, some of these can be because it is a symbol, name, portraits or a piece of art that means a great deal to them. There are also other reasons..... ones [...]

Lobe stretches at their best… Pure Spunkiness!

Lobe stretches at their best...   Love them or hate them?    Taking stretching to the extreme.

Sun Spot Removal, using the Picosure Laser

Sun Spot Removal It doesn't matter if you call them age spots, sun spots, liver spots or if it is the common freckle, for some people these discolourations can be an annoyance and for some people it symbolises aging and they want a skin treatments to remove them quickly and safely, at First Impressions we can [...]

Tattoo Removal – Excellent results at First Impressions Laser Clinic

Tattoo Removal Tattoo removal can take as little as two treatments or as many as 20 and then sometimes the tattoo may not be entirely gone. There are many reasons, the amount of ink, the colour of ink, scarring, depth of ink, where the tattoo is located and most importantly THE LASER USED TO REMOVE [...]

Laser Tattoo Removal, just a clean up or complete removal!

Laser Tattoo Removal Laser tattoo removal has come leaps and bounds with the new world leading PicoSure Laser Technology.  There has not been an advancement in laser tattoo removal technology for 20 years!  Late 2013 First Impressions were very excited to hear about the newly developed Pico Second technology which 'blows the nana second technology [...]

Tattoo removal should NOT result in blistering.

Tattoo removal should NOT result in blistering. We get many clients with nightmare tattoo removal stories, they've been burnt, or blistered so badly they've had to take days of work and when they called their laser clinic in panic they were told "that's normal, it is actually good" IT'S NOT! Blistering can cause scarring and [...]

The art of tattoo removal for a cover up.

The art of tattoo removal for a cover up Since moving to Smith Street, Collingwood our tattoo removal clientele have changed, we have many more people looking for partial tattoo removal. Every one has seen the 'cover up' television shows that depict an artist doing amazing work over an old tattoo - don't get me [...]

PicoSure reversing years of sun damage with Skin Treatments!

Skin treatments PicoSure turning back the clock with it's various skin treatments.  Another reason why the team at First Impressions Laser Clinic are happy with their PicoSure laser!   You no longer need to put up with those dreaded sun/age spots! For the past few years First Impressions have been in awe of what our PicoSure [...]

Tattoo Removal In Under Six Treatments For This Happy Client!

Tattoo Removal Complete tattoo removal is very close for this client.  This fab client is very happy six weeks after her first treatment, what great results! We first estimated six treatments when this client came in for her free consultation for tattoo removal.... but I say pfffft to six and am hoping maybe four smile emoticon [...]

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