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How to book a tattoo removal appointment.

  Tattoo Removal with PicoSure Laser Technology, faster, safer, superior results. How to book a tattoo removal appointment? Is the second question most people ask. After you’ve carefully considered all your laser tattoo removal options and come to the conclusion that First Impressions Laser Clinic is the safest and fastest option for tattoo removal (as [...]

Cosmetic Tattoo, Feather Touch Eyebrows or Hair Stroke Brows

Cosmetic Tattoo, Feather Touch Eyebrows or Hair Stroke Brows have become so popular over the past 12 months that semi permanent cosmetic tattoo has become a bit of a boom industry. With literally hundreds of people now offering this service we are spoilt for choice and each clinician will have their own style, their own [...]

Tattoo Removal in five easy steps!

Tattoo Removal can be quite simple if you follow some simple rules. 1. Do your research!!!! Victoria has very relaxed rules when it comes to operating a laser, (actually there are really no rules). This includes all laser applications - tattoo removal, laser hair removal, laser rejuvenation, laser pigment removal, any laser treatment. Don't assume your [...]

PicoSure Tattoo Removal for Flight Attendants

Of late we've had an influx of young women searching out the fastest possible tattoo removal as they've successfully applied for flight attendant positions and some airlines have a very strict policy against tattoos. So these young women end up on our doorstep in desperation to rid themselves of their ink before their medical exam [...]

Cosmetic Tattoo Melbourne

There are may reasons women are now searching out Cosmetic Tattoo Melbourne. Some think investing in cosmetic tattoo is a tad vain but believe me the motivation for most of us is Time. I truly just don't have the time nor the inclination to spend 1/2 hour doing my make up every morning and I'm just one of [...]

Tattoo Removal, Obliterating Greens and Blues!

Did you know that most tattoo removal laser treatments cannot get rid of Greens and Blues. Up until the PicoSure Laser was introduced to Australia nearly two years ago, it was just a fact of life that you'd probably be able to get rid of most of your tattoo but be stuck with the greens [...]

Laser Tattoo Removal Process with PicoSure

We are working on multiple tattoos with this lovely client using our the Laser Tattoo Removal Process on our PicoSure, we are also clearing and arm tattoo which is moving very well.  As both pieces are very large tattoos he spreads the treatments out which also gives his body extra time to clear away the [...]

Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne working to a deadline

We at First Impressions Laser Clinic see many clients wanting laser tattoo removalMelbourne most of these people have different reasons, wether it's because they have 'grown out' of their tattoo, their tastes have changed, their partner has changed or they simply want it lightened so they can alter the design or change it completely. The [...]

Skin Treatments v’s Anti Ageing Injections

Ageing is a natural process and unavoidable. You see some people who look older than their age and others that you have to do a 'double take' as they kind of look young but there is something just a little wrong or 'off' with their appearance.  This is the difference between finding the perfect balance [...]

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