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Cellulite Reduction and Body Sculpting

Reduce Cellulite and reduce Love Handles Cellulite and skin tightening! Let's be honest with ourselves - do you look in the mirror and say "jeepers I'm perfect!", I know I don't.... I may be thinnish, but like most I have those troublesome spots that no matter what I do I can't get tone [...]

Laser Tattoo Removal Questions…

Laser Tattoo Removal Questions... When clients contact First Impressions Laser Clinic regarding Laser Tattoo Removal, there are many reasons why a person gets a tattoo, some of these can be because it is a symbol, name, portraits or a piece of art that means a great deal to them. There are also other reasons..... ones [...]

Lobe stretches at their best… Pure Spunkiness!

Lobe stretches at their best...   Love them or hate them?    Taking stretching to the extreme.

Sun Spot Removal, using the Picosure Laser

Sun Spot Removal It doesn't matter if you call them age spots, sun spots, liver spots or if it is the common freckle, for some people these discolourations can be an annoyance and for some people it symbolises aging and they want a skin treatments to remove them quickly and safely, at First Impressions we can [...]

Tattoo removal means no more regrets

According to studies 35 per cent of Aussies regret their tattoo choice. Tattoos have become a fashion accessory. The more acceptable they become and the more accessible tattoo shops have become the more tattoo regrets there are therefore the more need for tattoo removal. Once upon a time tattoos were not readily accepted and tattoo [...]

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First Impressions vs other clinics in Melbourne

Advertising about skin treatments can be full of misinformation and empty promises, this article has been written to dispel some of these and introduce a laser tattoo removal and skin clinic located in Melbourne’s inner city suburb of Collingwood who’s first priority is always the clients safety and satisfaction. The staff at First Impressions Laser [...]

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Come down and see the First Impressions Team at the festival this weekend and be sure to enter their 'Photo Booth' competition - opportunity to win a chance to have a tattoo removed using their new Picosure Laser!   Check out the entrants so far on

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