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Skin Treatments v’s Anti Ageing Injections

Ageing is a natural process and unavoidable. You see some people who look older than their age and others that you have to do a 'double take' as they kind of look young but there is something just a little wrong or 'off' with their appearance.  This is the difference between finding the perfect balance [...]

PicoSure Acne Scar Treatment – Truly Astounding Results

  As Mentioned in our previous article First Impressions Laser Clinic offers PicoSure Acne Scar Treatment, which offer extremely effective results with little to no down time. "Whether you're suffering from active acne as a teenager or adult it can be socially debilitating and both the emotional and physical scars can follow you through your entire life. [...]

Acne can scar a person for life.

Whether you're suffering from active acne as a teenager or adult it can be socially debilitating and both the emotional and physical scars can follow you through your entire life. This article will address how First Impressions have finally found a skin range that can assist with active acne (with a follow up article on [...]

Sun Spots gone in a jiffy!

Sun Spots gone in a jiffy! It's true, with our skin treatments Sun Spots will be gone in a jiffy!  There are many things we do and do well at First Impressions, some include laser tattoo removal, wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction, acne scars lightened/removed and sun/age spots removed. Treatment's can take as little as 30 [...]

Sun Spot Removal, using the Picosure Laser

Sun Spot Removal It doesn't matter if you call them age spots, sun spots, liver spots or if it is the common freckle, for some people these discolourations can be an annoyance and for some people it symbolises aging and they want a skin treatments to remove them quickly and safely, at First Impressions we can [...]

PicoSure reversing years of sun damage with Skin Treatments!

Skin treatments PicoSure turning back the clock with it's various skin treatments.  Another reason why the team at First Impressions Laser Clinic are happy with their PicoSure laser!   You no longer need to put up with those dreaded sun/age spots! For the past few years First Impressions have been in awe of what our PicoSure [...]

Skin treatments the perfect Valentine’s gift

Skin treatments Is the love of your life looking a little...... how shall I say this delicately...... Old? Wrinkly? Passed their used by date? In need of a revamp or remodel? If you can't think of anything to get your Beau or Girl this Valentine give us a buzz and and we can organise a [...]

Skin treatments can assist but It takes time to heal a scar

It takes time to heal a scar, whether it is on your skin with skin treatments or in your heart. As a teenager acne cannot only scar physically but emotionally as well. Many teenagers and some adults with acne can suffer from Poor Self-Esteem Due to the obvious visual nature of the disease, especially when it occurs [...]

Taking Care of your skin

Taking Care of  your skin. It’s important to everyone that their skin is at it’s best but it’s difficult when you’re coping with acne scarring, age spots, sun spots, large open pores, fine lines and wrinkles A healthy diet, hydration and a good daily skin routine is important to keep your skin looking it’s best [...]

What is scar and acne treatment?

What is scar and acne treatment? First Impressions Laser Clinic with their PicoSure laser provide a safe scar and acne scar treatment with no downtime PicoSure Laser Acne Treatment is the most effective laser treatment for Acne scarring and does not result in any downtime. The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes, and most clients will [...]

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