How much does tattoo removal cost?

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How much does tattoo removal cost?

How much is tattoo removal…. in a nutshell…. expensive.

The first question many of our clients ask, when they come in for their free consultation, is “how much does tattoo removal cost?” It is a fair question BUT more important questions are –

“will you scar me?”

“will I blister?”  

“can you remove my tattoo completely?”

How much is tattoo removal, is a good question and pertinent to many people but truthfully if I couldn’t afford to go to a reputable clinic I think I would prefer to live with bad ink.  Some of the blister and scaring we’ve seen in our clinic renders the question how much does a tattoo removal treatment cost null ‘n’ void. Laser tattoo removal is not something that should be taken lightly, research your options. Your clinician should have experience, should know their machine and it’s capabilities. 

We had one young lady come in, she had a previous treatment with another clinic and her first question to them was ‘how much does tattoo removal cost’ and she was left in a mess. So needless to say when she came to First Impressions for a free consultation she was apprehensive and nervous, she did not ask how much does tattoo removal cost, she instead asked about our experience, our equipment, before and after care.

When she was satisfied and happy to go ahead she was sitting while we were cooling the area before starting and she asked if she should hold some paper towel below the area to save blood getting on her shirt…. what this poor girl has been through at her previous clinic I am surprised that she even thought to try another clinic, if it were me I would have never gone near another laser again!

However, we treated her with our PicoSure laser, she experienced no blistering, no scarring and I am happy to say the results after her first treatment have been tremendous.!

Two treatments with a PicoSure Laser and you're ready for a successful coverup.

Two treatments with a PicoSure Laser and you’re ready for a successful coverup.

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