Acne can scar a person for life.

Acne can scar a person for life.

Whether you’re suffering from active acne as a teenager or adult it can be socially debilitating and both the emotional and physical scars can follow you through your entire life.

This article will address how First Impressions have finally found a skin range that can assist with active acne (with a follow up article on our success ridding people of their physical acne scars).

Being a skin clinic we have researched many skin products and are constantly being approached by companies claiming their products are the best on the market. It feels as though every product has a different promise and claims theirs is the ‘answer’.  Finally we’ve found a product that we’re confident will not disappoint, delivering results that are superior to any we have trailed before.

Osmosis +Pur Medical Skincare MD treats skin conditions at the source, when prescribing Osmosis for our clients we asses their skin and choose a treatment plan, we start slow, letting the skin adjust to the new regime and as the skin is ready we introduce additional serums if needed. It’s a process and we need a commitment from our clients that they will stick with the protocol for at least six months but we are very confident that the results they will see after that six months will be so good that they will continue on their ‘Osmosis journey’ obtaining fabulous results.

How did we find them? Why do we trust the products? My 16 year old son has multiple chronic illnesses, the most serious being end stage liver disease, so he is on some pretty serious drugs, mix that with teenage hormones and his face has been a constant battle of black heads, blind pimples and big juicy white infected pimples.  When the Osmosis rep. came in to talk about the product she had intended on giving me a facial to demonstrate the product, but when she saw Jarrod at the clinic and observed his that his face was in huge mess she insisted that he be the recipient of the facial. She then spoke with her boss and Osmosis gave him the gift of products to treat his acne, the results have been truly astounding! He is still getting pimples but they are simply small pimples, he no longer has huge infected areas – the inflammation has disappeared and he is on the simplest of regimes. I have also been trialling the products, once upon a time I would never had gone out without makeup and now most days I won’t bother as my skin is looking healthy.

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After only one month using Osmosis cleanser and harmonised water Jarrod's skin is 70% clearer

After only one month using Osmosis cleanser and harmonised water Jarrod’s skin is 70% clearer

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