Acne Scarring Treatment with no downtime and amazing results!

Acne Scarring Treatment with no downtime and amazing results!

Scar and Acne Scarring Treatment with no downtime and amazing results!

Amazing results with no downtime with the acne scarring disappearing.

The PicoSure Laser has just got better! Researched overseas have been researching the effect of the PicoSure laser on Acne Scarring and they have hit the jackpot!

For many years clinics and dermatologist have been searching of a successful treatment for Acne Scarring. There has been different laser treatments that come with weeks of unsightly down time, creams with promises of a miracle cure but they end up in disappointment and a myriad of other treatments.

The creators and researches for the PicoSure laser have tried and tested the Focus Lense array on acne scarring with astounding results. The treatments take minimal time and although a very few say that the treatments are uncomfortable no one has said that they are painful.

How it works, First Impressions clients come in for a free consultation and skin analsys, once we have spoken regarding the Acne Scarring and treatment, we can ascertain what results our clients are looking for and give them a true indication of what the end result will be.

Most of our Acne Scarring clients are advised that the sequence of treatments can take up to five or six visits and they are not inexpensive but we have not had any client regret their decision to make the commitment and go ahead with treatment, as they have all been so impressed with the results. With most Acne Scarring clients it can take up to two – three treatments before the initial results are visual, the more severe the Acne Scarring the more obvious the results.

If you are tired of being self conscious of scarring that, to date you have not been able to find a successful treatment be confident that the search is over, that you have found a successful treatment. No more creams or exfoliates…. A series of four to eight, fortnightly or monthly 20 minute treatments and you will be dumbfounded at the results.

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