Best Father’s Day gift – Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Best Father’s Day gift – Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Tattoo Removal Melbourne…….. there are so many possibilities but this is why you should choose First Impressions Laser Clinic for your Father’s Day Tattoo Removal Melbourne gift Voucher.

  • First Impressions is one of only a very few Tattoo Removal Melbourne Clinics that utilise the PicoSure Laser, ensuring faster, safer, superior results.
  • The tattoo removal Melbourne scene has too many options BUT very few will offer a 10 treatment guarantee, (that if for some ‘freak reason’ your tattoo is not gone with 10 treatments) we will treat you free of charge until every trace of the offending tattoo is gone.
  • We are located just out of the CBD ensuring easing parking and great local coffee and food if one needs comfort food afterward or a little relax before heading home.
  • If you have been the good son/daughter and done your due diligence before purchasing a father’s day present, researching which laser is the best on offer for tattoo removal Melbourne, you will have discovered that the Pico does not scar nor blister, ‘after care’ is as easy as applying ice after treatment, no need for creams or bandages the most daddy might feel 12 hours after treatment is maybe a little bruised and sometimes clients report feeling a little itchy, so you know even though you are purchasing a gift which will inflict pain initially/immediately it is short lasting and normal duties can be resumed directly after treatment.
  • Lastly, First Impressions Laser Clinic offers friendly ‘non formal’ service which immediately puts clients at ease, we book long consultations ensuring enough time is left for any questions or if the client needs a break and there are never any judgements (no matter how bad the tattoo), because there will always be a more tragic tattoo 🙂 and lastly we consider continuity of care important so when physically possible we try to have the same clinician treat clients through their entire tattoo removal journey.

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