Cosmetic tattoo can be fabulous but for some people it can but an embarrassing and uncomfortable trip down a rabbit whole so to speak, which can then take months and months, if not years, of laser treatment to rectify bad work done.

A professional and experienced cosmetic tattooist should be expensive!

Why?    Cosmetic Tattoo practitioners should hold a Diploma which are expensive, should have had hours and hours of practice and experience, which many do not.   You need to seek out the professional and skilled artists and these can come at a hefty price but this is definitely a ‘you get what you pay for’ situation.

As it is your face that the procedure will be performed on, you will not be able to cover it up easily if you do not like the end results.   A normal tattoo can be rectified by covering with clothing and using laser tattoo removal (as a ‘cover-up’ often ends up being far more catastrophic).   Eyebrow tattoo can change your face so completely that you would be remiss not to have some questions for you chosen artist.  Cosmetic tattoo can last for years and cosmetic tattoo laser removal can also take years for some.


So what questions should you ask?

  • Qualifications – you have the right to ask when and where they were trained.
  • Ask how many treatment they have performed since training – some people may train in the cosmetic tattoo field and then not practice straight away. Not only is building up a clientele difficult, finding those first initial clients while one is not experienced is not easy.  So for some cosmetic tattoo practitioners it may take months and months to build up the numbers of procedures required before being able to say that they ‘are experienced and confident’ in what they do.
  • Request to see their portfolio or ask for their Facebook/Instagram accounts so you can see their work. Be aware there are many stock photos out there.  Be sure the photos you are viewing are their own work.
  • Do they have cosmetic tattoo themselves – some of the time this is a good talking point to find out how passionate your potential tattooist is about cosmetic tattoo . Personally I would want someone who has experienced cosmetic tattoo procedures themselves as they then know how it feels and just how important it is for them to get it right. If they have lived with cosmetic tattoo, if they have lived through the pain of the application, healing and results and then subsequent fading they will be more empathetic to your cause and will hopefully take extra care, ensuring the semi permanent (and some times permanent) end results are fabulous!


  • You will also want to ensure the person you eventually decide to trust to perform the procedure on your face is familiar with the appropriate hygiene regulations / guidelines / laws. The procedure you are going to undertake is invasive and opens your skin, therefore leaving you exposed to infection. Do not assume it will all be ok – it is so easy to not think of these things when you are nervous about a procedure and the end result but the last thing you want is to contract an infection.  90% of operators do follow appropriate procedures so take care to look around and asses the situation yourself.


Once you have decided on an artist, take your time and talk to them, if they provide a free consultation go and chat to them about what you want.  It is good to be guided by them as you’re natural brow shape is often the best for your face. Once you deviate from that too much you are risking regret.  Please remember you can always thicken and darken your brow at your ‘top up’ treatment – so think ‘less is more’ first time around.


Remember you have the right to voice any concerns at any time throughout the preparation or the procedure.   This is your face!


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