Cosmetic Tattoo, Feather Touch Eyebrows or Hair Stroke Brows

Cosmetic Tattoo, Feather Touch Eyebrows or Hair Stroke Brows

Cosmetic Tattoo, Feather Touch Eyebrows or Hair Stroke Brows have become so popular over the past 12 months that semi permanent cosmetic tattoo has become a bit of a boom industry.

With literally hundreds of people now offering this service we are spoilt for choice and each clinician will have their own style, their own interpretation as to the best colour, shape and fullness of brows. This is why when choosing a clinic to have your cosmetic tattoo done you need to do a little research.

Firstly have a look at before and after photos – does the artist or clinician’s style suit your own style? ie do they err on the side of big full brows or lighter, thinner brows. It’s human nature for anyone who is offering a service within the fashion/styling or tattoo to have their own personality or inclinations show through in their work.

Another important consideration – have a close look at the cosmetic tattoo photos supplied (just check that they are original works and not ‘borrowed’ from another artist, as this has been known to happen).

Lastly you want the clinic where you will be getting your cosmetic tattoo to be clean. As with any service that includes breaking the skin surface you want the clinic to adhere strictly to health regulations. Many people can have viruses such as herpes or hepatitis but not experience symptoms, and be unaware they have them, therefore they do not report it on their medical forms. Your clinician should use every means possible protect you.

Just remember cosmetic tattoo, even though it is ‘semi permanent’ can last for years, so when making the decision spend a little time researching…… the cheapest is very rarely the best option.

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This client wanted a very natural cosmetic tattoo so we chose #feathertouchbrows or #hairstrokebrows, and we tried not to take any of her natural hair so it would look as natural as possible.

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