Facts About Tattoo Removal and the PicoSure Laser

Facts About Tattoo Removal and the PicoSure Laser

A few facts about tattoo removal and the PicoSure Laser.

  • Laser tattoo removal with the PicoSure laser (as with other lasers) depends heavily on your immune system, so if you are healthy, eat well, drink lots of water and exercise your immune system will be operating at optimum levels, unless of course there are underlying issues and you should accomplish great results.
  • Tattoo ink is a foreign entity that is introduced to the body, which your immune system works very hard to try and remove. However the design of tattoo ink ensures the ink particles are too large to be eliminated.
  • Laser tattoo removal was introduced with the theory that breaking ink up into smaller particles makes it easier for the body to eliminate.
  • The PicoSure stands alone in its effectiveness. The energy it produces and delivery method are cutting edge and there is not another laser currently on the market that can have the same effect on tattoo ink. When one compares the ink after being impacted by the PicoSure and/or after being treated with a laser using older technology it is like comparing the difference between dust and sand particles. The PicoSure leaves the ink in such a condition that it is much easier for the body to eliminate.

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Tattoo removal is still not an exact science there are many, many factors that can influence the movement of a tattoo and although we can be confident that using our PicoSure laser will remove a tattoo faster than any other laser the contributing factors such as tattoo age, depth, size and location will influence the number of treatments needed to remove a tattoo.

When you book a consultation with First Impressions Laser Clinic we will always attempt to err on the side of caution by overestimating the number of treatments, as it is very important that every client has realistic expectations and knows the extent of commitment it will take to remove their tattoo.

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