Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2018-01-23T05:16:01+00:00

The team at First Impressions Laser Clinic based in Collingwood answer your questions…

Frequently asked questions on laser tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation treatments, professional teeth whitening are answered below. If the question you would like to ask is not below, the team at First Impressions Laser Clinic with over 20 years combined experience also offer a FREE CONSULTATION to ensure all your questions or concerns are answered. For further information the team can be contacted on 0402 698 863 or 0428 265 086.

Freckles – how many treatments will it take to get rid of them? 2018-02-12T02:46:31+00:00

Freckles using the new PicoSure laser technology can be removed in between 2 – 3 treatments, it varies on the client.

Melasma – can it be treated? 2014-06-26T05:03:55+00:00

Melasma – can it be treated?

Melasma can be treated extremely well with First Impressions Laser Clinics PicoSure technology.  The PicoSure is the leading technology for removing pigmentation such as Melasma.

Can acne scars be treated if active? 2018-02-12T02:46:46+00:00

Can acne scars be treated whilst active?

No unfortunately.

If however, you only have one or two pimples at the time of the treatment we can just avoid that area, but it is better to wait until the break out is finished.

Acne scar laser treatment – does it work? 2018-02-12T02:46:56+00:00

Acne scar laser treatment with the new PicoSure has had astonishing results with reducing and completely erasing acne scars in as little as 2 – 4 treatments.

Skin revitalisation – can it be done on my hands and décolletage? 2018-02-12T02:47:02+00:00

Skin revitalisation with the Picosure Laser is very effective on both of these areas.  We find many of our clientele have sun damage to both their hands and décolletage with sun spots and crepe skin.  Skin revitalisation reduces/eliminates sun spots and even though there is no damage to the skin it breaks down the old collagen and kick starts a healing process which produces new collagen reducing the signs of age and sun damage.

Results expected from having facial revitalisation with PicoSure? 2018-02-12T02:47:12+00:00

Results you would expect on your first visit would be along the lines of noticing the fine lines starting to disappear, pores reduced and deep lines reduced.  By the end of your third visit you will look years younger with beautiful even skin tone, deep lines and pores noticeably reduced  and your fine lines will be but a memory.

Tattoo removal results using PicoSure? 2018-02-12T02:44:30+00:00

Tattoo removal results with the lastest PicoSure technology are second to none!  Each client’s results will differ slightly, however, with the new and first update in laser tattoo removal technology in 20 years the clearance will be expected to be at least twice as fast as other lasers on the market.

Does Tattoo Removal hurt? 2018-02-12T02:44:46+00:00

Does Tattoo Removal hurt?  Tattoo removal is uncomfortable and has be compared to the pain of having getting a tattoo.  As peoples pain thresholds vary so do the explanations we have had from clients – some claim in feels like an elastic band being flicked against your skin continuously, others say it is not too bad but we do have the occasional client that finds the sensation very uncomfortable – with these clients we take breaks, ice the area to give relief.  There is always the option of applying a topical numbing cream (if you are interested in having the area numbed a little prior to treatment talk to our practitioner).  Keep in mind laser treatments are completed very quickly so any discomfort is only experienced for a very short time

Am I a good candidate for PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal? 2018-02-12T02:45:16+00:00

Am I a good candidate is a question often asked by clients of First Impressions Laser Clinic in Collingwood.  There are very few people that are not good candidates for tattoo removal with the PicoSure Laser – our technicians have been trained in how to review and identify skin types and will only recommend treatment if it is in the best interest of the Client.

Is PicoSure safer and more effective compared to other lasers? 2014-06-26T05:00:54+00:00

Is PicoSure safer and more effective for tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation?

Yes is the answer.

PicoSure’s ultra-short pulse duration creates an intense photomechanical impact known as PressureWaveTM that shatters the target into tiny particles easily eliminated by the body.

This process results in better clearance with fewer treatments and less fluence ensuring no injury to the surrounding skin.

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