How to book a tattoo removal appointment.

How to book a tattoo removal appointment.


PicoSure Laser Technology, faster, safer and superior results.

Tattoo Removal with PicoSure Laser Technology, faster, safer, superior results.

How to book a tattoo removal appointment? Is the second question most people ask.

After you’ve carefully considered all your laser tattoo removal options and come to the conclusion that First Impressions Laser Clinic is the safest and fastest option for tattoo removal (as we have the PicoSure Laser) the rest is quite simple….

  • You need to ensure you have not applied any topical retinol A cream to the area that is going to be treated for at least 4 weeks prior. This can cause sensitivity
  • Definitely stay away from self-tanning products or professional spray tans. The laser is so effective it is will target the tanning pigment as well and this can have negative results.
  • You need to call and make an appointment. Most of our new tattoo removal clients prefer to book a consultation with the option to treat directly after the consult. Clients who come to the clinic have done their research and realise that PicoSure is the way to go. These clients are simply using the consultation to confirm pricing and it’s also the perfect opportunity to ensure that the technicians and clinic are a good fit. Don’t forget tattoo removal is a long process so you will be visiting the tattoo removal clinic at least once every eight weeks for up to (and sometimes more than) 12 months.


The process is as simple as that…. There are many things that can trigger tattoo regret. It can be a complicated decision to start the tattoo removal process but choosing your clinic is really quite simple. Look for quality, namely a PicoSure clinic. Look for clinicians that are experienced and trained. Lastly look for a clinic that you will be happy to travel to for your treatments.

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