Laser tattoo removal cost

Laser tattoo removal cost

How much is tattoo removal…. in a nutshell…. expensive.

The first question many of our clients ask, when they come in for their free consultation, is “how much does tattoo removal cost?” It is a fair question BUT more important questions are:

“will you scar me?”

“will I blister?”  

“can you remove my tattoo completely?”

How much is tattoo removal, is a good question and pertinent to many people but truthfully if I couldn’t afford to go to a reputable clinic I think I would prefer to live with bad ink.  Some of the blistering and scaring we’ve seen in our clinic renders the question how much does tattoo removal treatment cost null ‘n’ void. Laser tattoo removal is not something that should be taken lightly, research your options. Your clinician should have experience, should know their machine and it’s capabilities. 

Advancement in Tattoo Removal Technology…

Selecting what laser to use when starting out on your tattoo removal is not dissimilar to picking a new car, new iPad or phone to buy….   The performance of the latest model iPad or Iphone phone for example, will far surpass that of the older technology!

Price varies greatly, when the choices are – tattoo removal lasers created over twenty years ago with older heat delivering technology against those of the likes of the ‘PicoSure’ laser – with the latest Pico Second technology using a photomechanical impact as against a photothermal impact resulting in NO burning or scarring, no damage to the surrounding dermis. The results will far surpass that of older laser technology!

The PicoSecond technology the PicoSure laser uses for tattoo removal is the first update in laser tattoo removal technology in 20 years!   Imagine using a twenty year old land line phone or ‘the brick’ mobile phone and trying to conduct your day to day business dealings in today’s fast paced business environment.    What would you pick – ‘a brick phone’ or the latest ‘Apple Iphone’ to ensure the success of your business?

Older lasers are well known for burning and scarring and their ability to only remove 80% of the tattoo.    Scar tissue and burn layers are not only unsightly but also make it very difficult for an artist to do a cover-up if that is what you are planning and it makes it near impossible to remove the ink if you decide to change to a ‘Pico Clinic’ as a lot of the time the damage is too great and the ink is sealed in permanently.

So yes, you can definitely find cheaper, out of date options out there but are they what you really want to be using for such an important treatment, especially when it is your long term appearance and skin that will be impacted permanently!

Price tag of the latest and greatest technology vs Older lasers…

The price tag of the PicoSure Laser v’s Nano Second Laser should be a good indicator of the different level of technology you are selecting for the protection of your skin.   The PicoSure laser to purchase starts upwards of $350,000 v’s  older laser technology starting from $25,000!

Yes the new technology price tag does mean sessions can be a little more expensive but when you look at the cost of purchase of the technology, the ongoing maintenance and running costs of such high level laser and the training required this is not surprising.  You are not purchasing a machine that you could buy on eBay and run with no training or experience.   These are high level lasers with high level training required and provide a safer, more effective and faster option.

How many sessions you may ask?

The PicoSure usually takes approximately half the treatments that nano technology lasers do.    The number of sessions varies depending on various factors such as:

  • The age of the tattoo
  • The location of the tattoo
  • Where the tattoo was done – overseas or locally?
  • The colour of the ink
  • The type of the tattoo – shading or dark outlines (shading can be removed in as little as 2 sessions where outlines can take over 8 sessions!)
  • The amount of ink
  • The experience of the tattoo artist
  • Your immune system
  • Medications you may be taking.

No two people nor tattoos are alike, lifestyle, diet, skin type and the effectiveness of their immune system all impact greatly on the speed in which the body can expel the impacted ink, therefore tattoo removal simply cannot be an exact science!   You should not be led to believe otherwise.

Free Consultation

First Impressions Team start your journey with a detailed free consultation to get a complete medical history (allergies, existing medical conditions, age of the tattoo, location of the tattoo, type of ink, etc – all may impact the outcome of your treatment) along with pre-treatment measurements and photos.  This consultation can take up to twenty minutes but there is no charge – it is a FREE consultation.

Once the team have gathered more information in relation to your tattoo, they are then in a good place to give you an approximate estimate of sessions and assess your suitability for the laser.   Please keep in mind, the more information you can provide our team the better the outcome will be!

When starting your journey of researching tattoo removal costs, try not to focus so much on the cost of the removal but what the overall result will look like.  Burning and scarring are for life!   Even though a little more expensive, the advantages of using the latest technology means you potentially will end up having less than half the treatments than older lasers resulting in…

  • Less of your time being used
  • Less pain overall
  • Recovery time of a PicoSure session is far less
  • Far surperior results; and
  • no burning or scarring!

The team at First Impressions have found that treatment intervals of 7- 10 weeks are far more effective for the removal process also allowing more time for budgeting.

Your appearance and the overall outcome will impact you moving forward – is this something worth skimping on?

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