Laser Tattoo Removal, just a clean up or complete removal!

Laser Tattoo Removal, just a clean up or complete removal!

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal has come leaps and bounds with the new world leading PicoSure Laser Technology.  There has not been an advancement in laser tattoo removal technology for 20 years!  Late 2013 First Impressions were very excited to hear about the newly developed Pico Second technology which ‘blows the nana second technology lasers our of the water’.

We have a large variation of clients that come to us for tattoo removal some reasons are

  • they have grown out of their tattoo
  • the tattoo represents an old love
  • the tattoo has faded and spread
  • the tattoo wasn’t quit right to start with

We have many clients come to us for laser tattoo removal wanting partial removal or lightening so that they can change the tattoo or have a new tattoo put over the top of the old one with out bleed through.

The client picture here came to us for laser tattoo removal as she had a tattoo done many years ago and the ink has now bleed leaving a grey smudge around the area, she has decided to have the tattoo completely removed as it was a young impulsive decision so she doesn’t have any great connection with it and would prefer to be able to start again with a blank canvas.

Give First Impressions Laser Clinic a buzz and we’ll help clean it up, 0402 698 863.

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