Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne working to a deadline

Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne working to a deadline

We at First Impressions Laser Clinic see many clients wanting laser tattoo removalMelbourne most of these people have different reasons, wether it’s because they have ‘grown out’ of their tattoo, their tastes have changed, their partner has changed or they simply want it lightened so they can alter the design or change it completely.

The most frequent, up to 30% of our clients however come in because they want laser tattoo removal Melbourne before their pending nuptials and it’s not always the bride.

We have quite a few grooms who want laser tattoo removal Melbourne, they want to be rid of dates and names from old relationships and many of these are designed as rings on their fingers (these particular tattoos can be VERY difficult to get rid of as they are on an extremity so it takes more time for the body to get rid of the shattered ink but also because the fingers are a difficult area to tattoo so they tend be pretty deep, another hindrance). So be warned if you are thinking of having a tattoo on your finger and if you ever decide to have them removed it can take twice as long as a tattoo on the neck or groin area.

At First Impressions people always ask “how many treatments will it take to get rid of my tattoo”, their are many variables so we always quote around the six – eight treatments to avoid disappointment (but hope for less) but then there are always the exception when laser tattoo removal Melbourne can take more treatments than expected either because of sluggish immune systems, ink depth, ink quality and it is for this reason that we recommend that you don’t wait until the last minute to start your laser tattoo removal Melbourne, start as soon as possible.  First Impressions offer all of our clients a ten treatment guarantee – if your tattoo is not removed to your satisfaction within ten treatments we will continue to treat for free.

If you are thinking of getting your tattoo removed, laser tattoo removal Melbourne with a PicoSure laser is definitely the fastest safest way to go as the PicoSure Laser will remove your tattoo in half the treatments of Q-Switched technology…. but don’t leave it too late, start now, call 0428 265 086 for a free consultation.

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