PicoSure Acne Scar Treatment – Truly Astounding Results

PicoSure Acne Scar Treatment – Truly Astounding Results


As Mentioned in our previous article First Impressions Laser Clinic offers PicoSure Acne Scar Treatment, which offer extremely effective results with little to no down time.

“Whether you’re suffering from active acne as a teenager or adult it can be socially debilitating and both the emotional and physical scars can follow you through your entire life.

This our second article in the series will help you understand how the PicoSure laser can rid you of acne scars. It’s a fairly easy fast procedure with very little down time and at worst is “uncomfortable but not painful”.

What you can expect:

  • You will first have a consultation with our laser specialist, they will do a skin analysis, determine if you require a pigment test patch (this is a test area performed with the laser to ascertain if there will be any pigment change caused by the laser, it is only performed on skin when we believe there may be a complication)
  • You will then make a time to come in for treatment (or if you have had a pigment test patch performed you will require to come in to see if there has been any change, if not change is detected you may be treated immediately), treatment can also be performed directly after consultation if no complications are expected.
  • Treatment – the affected area will be thoroughly cleaned, you will be required to use laser protective eye wear, this can depend on the area, it may be glasses, goggles or if the area is close to the eye, laser eye shields will be applied.
  • The technician will then perform a small test patch to ensure you have no immediate adverse reaction to the laser.
  • You will be treated on a setting as prescribed by the technician, the number of passes will be determined by the technician who will be observing closely for the perfect ‘clinical end point’.
  • The treatment will take between five to 15 minutes.
  • Your face will then be cooled and a specialised laser cooling gel will be applied.
  • You will experience erythema (a reddening) which will pass between one to six hours post treatment.
  • The weeks following treatment you may experience some dryness, flakiness which will resolve within two to three weeks.
  • Your technician will then discuss some follow up options including if any of the Osmosis skin products may be beneficial.

Your technicians are on call 24hrs a day so if there is a concern regarding the area treated you can contact them directly and quickly.

For further information call 0428 265 086 or 0402 698 863

In as little as four visits you're acne scarring mill be a thing of the past.


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