PicoSure reversing years of sun damage with Skin Treatments!

PicoSure reversing years of sun damage with Skin Treatments!

Skin treatments

PicoSure turning back the clock with it’s various skin treatments.  Another reason why the team at First Impressions Laser Clinic are happy with their PicoSure laser!   You no longer need to put up with those dreaded sun/age spots! For the past few years First Impressions have been in awe of what our PicoSure Laser can do for tattoo removal but with all of the research that has gone into the anti-aging applications of the Pico, it feels like it can do almost anything…

  • Sun spot removal
  • Age spot removal
  • Tattoo removal
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Acne scar reduction

and it is not just “good” at all of these applications it excels at all the skin treatments listed. All of these skin treatments when treated with other lasers all included a long down time where as the Pico does not burn because it does not use heat, it works close the the ‘infrared’ on the spectrum, uses impact and is picosecond technology not nano technology like the the old ngYag and Q-switched lasers.

We all regret the time that we spent in the time as youngsters, those teenage years that we didn’t stop and take the time to put sunscreen on each morning and moisturiser on each evening…. we’ve learnt so much in the last 10 years as to exactly what causes ageing skin and what we can do to prevent it but now we have a way to turn back the clock with Pico’s skin treatments.

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