PicoSure Tattoo Removal for Flight Attendants

PicoSure Tattoo Removal for Flight Attendants

Of late we’ve had an influx of young women searching out the fastest possible tattoo removal as they’ve successfully applied for flight attendant positions and some airlines have a very strict policy against tattoos. So these young women end up on our doorstep in desperation to rid themselves of their ink before their medical exam and as we have PicoSure technology, the fastest, safest tattoo removal system on the market we are their best hope…… but be aware, it is very fast compared to the older lasers but it still takes time.

Some clients come to us with the assumption that a tattoo removal can be successful after only one treatment – this is true very rarely as most take at least five – eight treatments as it is the laser’s job to break up the ink particles small enough for you body to expel them and depending on the location, depth of ink and ink saturation this can take time.  It is also true that tattoo removal will be far faster for someone who is very healthy whereas those that are unwell or suffer from chronic illness it can take time as these peoples immune systems are sluggish.

It has been bought to our attention that some airlines if they have the stipulation that their flight attendants are ink free then they will be expelled when they’re ink is detected during their medical exam with no exceptions – it does not matter if the ink is visible outside the uniform, it is, for some airlines a very strict rule that they will adhere to with no exception….. so in some instances it is better to call and suspend your intake until you are ink free.

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