Skin treatments the perfect Valentine’s gift

Skin treatments the perfect Valentine’s gift

Skin treatments

Is the love of your life looking a little…… how shall I say this delicately…… Old? Wrinkly? Passed their used by date? In need of a revamp or remodel? If you can’t think of anything to get your Beau or Girl this Valentine give us a buzz and and we can organise a gift certificate for you for skin treatments!

It is something most women, especially caregivers i.e. mum’s, grandmother’s or guardians feel guilty about spending money on…. themselves.

Be assured it is a fact of life and todays media that we are taught to be critical when we look in the mirror and although we all dream about having skin treatments to reduce lines, wrinkles or sun damage, we see other needs that come first.

Flowers are lovely, massages are relaxing and chocolates yum! but these are all gifts that apart from a few kilo’s are fleeting but skin treatments such as sun spot removal, skin rejuvenation, or acne scar reduction are long lasting and give a little pep in a ladies step, because although it is what is on the inside counts looking nice makes a woman feel confident and when we’re confident we’re happy!

So if you see your partner looking a little doubtful when she looks in the mirror or if she is hiding behind her hair or prefers to take the photos than be in them this could be a sure sign that she may really need a little pick me up.

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