Skin Treatments v’s Anti Ageing Injections

Skin Treatments v’s Anti Ageing Injections

Ageing is a natural process and unavoidable. You see some people who look older than their age and others that you have to do a ‘double take’ as they kind of look young but there is something just a little wrong or ‘off’ with their appearance.  This is the difference between finding the perfect balance of skin treatments and Anti Ageing Injections.

Too many Anti Ageing Injections can leave you with “frozen face” or “duckie lips/trout pout”, and the areas that are not treated are more obviously wrinkled or ravaged by sun damage and age.

That is why at First Impressions we look at the entire health of your skin, there are certain factors that we know age us, Sun Spots and Discolouration, Wrinkles, thinning lips, sunken tear troughs and exaggerated laugh lines.

A very common mistake is to target just one of these problems, which in turn exaggerates any other imperfections in your skin.

When a client comes in we firstly assess the quality of their skin, then we chat about their concerns and expectations.

Now this is the crunch……. we ask the client to make a six month commitment to us. Fixing years of sun damage and dehydration is not an overnight job, one can in fact just come in and just have Anti Ageing Injections but it is not improving the overall quality of your skin and the ageing process will continue unabated.

So these are the steps we suggest to most of our clients (depending on age and skin quality) the key is to come up with skin treatments that will undo the damage caused by age and sun, start the healing process by breaking down old collagen and stimulating new collagen and elastane productivity therefore turning the clock back, this will all be supported with anti ageing injections that will assist with any lines/imperfections that need that extra assistance.

So a full spectrum of Skin Treatments commitment can consist of….

1.  Full Skin Analysis

2. Review Skin Routine (products and home routine)

3. Series of laser revitalisation / Pico toning

4. Anti-aging injectables (if still required)

Some of our clients only need one of these, others decide to take on the full commitment, we work to our clients time lines and budgets and we will not suggest treatments that are not suitable or necessary for your skin.  If we believe your skin is not suitable for laser we will tell you, or if your home skin routine is good then we don’t recommend products that you don’t need – every ones skin needs are different and for us obtaining the optimum results in a safe cost effective routine is of upmost important.  Call 0428 265 086 and book your free consultation.anti aging - facebook ad



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