Sun Spot Removal, using the Picosure Laser


Sun Spot Removal, using the Picosure Laser

Sun Spot Removal

It doesn’t matter if you call them age spots, sun spots, liver spots or if it is the common freckle, for some people these discolourations can be an annoyance and for some people it symbolises aging and they want a skin treatments to remove them quickly and safely, at First Impressions we can accomplish this in as little as one treatment.

When talking to our clients about sun spot removal or age spot removal we find that they all tell a fairly similar story,

  • They are all around the 40 – 50 year age bracket
  • They have had unprotected sun exposure as children
  • They have tried the ‘lightening creams’ only to find they are successful but come back a week or two later
  • They now know how to look after their skin and are eager to have a ‘do over’

We have many clients that come to us for sun spot removal and age spot removal and if you go to our website you will see a few of our success stories. For your interest we present a little video of what the process is for sun spot removal, freckle removal and age spot removal.

(Please excuse my ‘bad hair’ and dishevelled look – this video was taken at the end of one of our intensive training sessions, about 18 months ago, the only treatment we hadn’t had practical training on was Freckles of which I have plenty so Dr Alex decided we should practice on me before moving onto our ‘models’. So Dr Alex demonstrated on a few freckles on my arm, then Dani chose a few additional ones that she deemed should go and lastly I had to also zap myself. It wasn’t painful at all, very quick and even though I have millions of freckles left the larger darker ones we worked on have disappeared completely!)

Since this video was taken we have assisted over 100 clients rid themselves of unwanted freckles and sunspots….. PicoSure technology is amazing!

See the PicoSure in action

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