Tattoo Removal Can Be A Little Painful

Tattoo Removal Can Be A Little Painful

Tattoo Removal Can Be A Little Painful

We all know that we all have different pain thresholds, some clients when talking about it say that tattoo removal can be a little painful and other’s find it very painful.  Sometimes it can depend on the day, how well they are at the time of treatment and even though us girls all hate to admit it if it’s “that time of the month” it can make the process quite uncomfortable.

At First Impressions we do everything possible to make your treatments as comfortable as possible, we always allow maximum time for treatments allowing for icing throughout the treatment if the area is large and we also offer numbing creams. If a client tends to be a little sensitive we encourage them to make a time an hour prior to their tattoo removal appointment and we apply a topical numbing ointment, cover it and send them off for a coffee until it’s time for them to be zapped.  This ointment can take the sensation of the treatment from “very painful” to ” Tattoo Removal Can Be A Little Painful “:) .

Not every client needs this service, for example those with little tattoos, we ice very well before starting and then ask them to count to 10 by which time we’ve usually finished the treatment. The PicoSure is an amazing laser and the treatments are fast and extremely effective.

So if your concerned about your pain threshold a few questions to ask your clinician:

  • Do you charge by time or size of tattoo?
  • Do you allow enough time for me to take a break during treatment?
  • Do you ice the area before and after? (please note this is critical also to lessen trauma)
  • Do you offer numbing cream?

If your current clinic does not offer the above and if you’d like to pop in for a consultation or have any queries call 0402 698 863.  bye bye little panda

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