Tattoo Removal Can Help You Totally Get Rid Of That ‘Ex’ You Regret!

Tattoo Removal Can Help You Totally Get Rid Of That ‘Ex’ You Regret!

Tattoo Removal Can Help You Totally Get Rid of That ‘Ex’ You Regret!

We have countless client’s that have the names of people they once dated, a tribute to an ex lover, dates of when they fell for the ‘one that got away’ or probably the most significant and the most painful a portrait of a past love.

Once upon a time these painful reminders were permanent but now with tattoo removal entering a new era with the PicoSure laser these tattoos can now be removed safer, faster and more effectively than ever before.

Some common requests for tattoo removal are

  • an ex-lover’s name with a heart on the upper arm
  • lyrics of a special song with now tragic meaning
  • a shared special symbol such as a rose or a pet with the date of their first meeting
  • a ring on the wedding finger either in the shape of a gem or with dates

Most of these are relatively easy but unfortunately the most common and the most difficult in the tattoo removal clinicians experience is the finger tattoos. Why? Fingers are difficult to tattoo because of angles, the absence of fatty tissue and muscle all create a difficult canvas and unless an artist is very experience the tattoo is often too deep and the ink can bleed leaving it look smudgy. So not only the depth of the tattoo but the location causes difficulty with tattoo removal as extremities do not have the same amount of circulation and it makes it more difficult for the bodies immune system to rid the body of the ink.

We have successfully removed many of these tattoos but we advise all clients with finger tattoos that they may need addition treatments compared to those tattoos located on the neck or torso.

If you have a query regarding tattoo removal of a loved one’s name, face, dates or symbol call First Impressions on 0402 698 863 for a free consultation.

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