Tattoo Removal, don’t try this at home!

Tattoo Removal, don’t try this at home!

We’ve heard some horror stories regarding tattoo removal, so we thought we’d share them with you, some are more gruesome than others so stay tuned and read on and we’ll share with you a few reasons you should always seek professional assistance when wanting tattoo removal.


Home tattoo gets the ‘home tattoo removal treatment’.

It was not long after First Impressions invested in our PicoSure laser for tattoo removal and a man walked into the clinic and requested a consultation to discuss five tattoos that he had done himself. The gentleman rolls up his sleeve to show the first of the five unfortunate tattoos. When he did he uncovered an area of scarring, hyper pigmentation, pitting and a tattoo that was still clearly visible.

The damage was quite extensive and deep, so the clinician requested to see the remaining pieces that he wanted tattoo removal performed on and they were all riddled with similar symptoms, some worse than others.  This is an intelligent man, wearing a suit and tie, he works in banking…. yet the mess he has made of himself is baffling.

So after an extensive assessment the clinician at First Impressions Laser Clinic confirmed that ‘yes’ laser tattoo removal is a good option and as the damage/scarring is less than 12 months there is a great chance that he should also see a great improvement on the damage he inflicted while performing tattoo removal on himself.

At this stage you are asking ‘what method did he use when trying to perform tattoo removal on himself?’,

  • firstly, the client used a fine grade sand paper and took layers of skin off the the areas he wanted to rid himself of ink
  • secondly he poured salt over the areas and let it eat away at his flesh like acid
  • thirdly, even though the pain was substantial, he kept the salt on for 45 minutes
  • lastly, he washed the salt off, bandaged the areas and hoped he would not end up with infections

This traumatic experience did not remove the tattoo, it did get rid of some of the ink but the scarring is extensive and even though we will be able to get rid of some of the scarring there are some areas that are so badly effected that he may be stuck with them for life!

The reason this gentleman decided to try tattoo removal at home was because of the time it takes to get them removed professionally and he wanted them gone before he started his new job….. needless to say he is now regretting his actions.

When undertaking tattoo removal the below photo gives a fabulous demonstration as to how your tattoo should look directly post treatment.

If you want the fastest, safest tattoo removal available call 0428 265 086 and book a free consultation to find out how long it will take you to be rid of your tattoo regret.


How a tattoo should look post tattoo removal treatment

This is how your tattoo should look immediate post tattoo removal treatment.


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