Tattoo Removal – Excellent results at First Impressions Laser Clinic

Tattoo Removal – Excellent results at First Impressions Laser Clinic

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal can take as little as two treatments or as many as 20 and then sometimes the tattoo may not be entirely gone.

There are many reasons, the amount of ink, the colour of ink, scarring, depth of ink, where the tattoo is located and most importantly THE LASER USED TO REMOVE IT!  A few reasons why you should ask if the clinic you go to has a PicoSure,

  • The PicoSure is an impact laser so when operated by experienced, trained technicians you will not receive burns or scarring
  • The PicoSure works using Picosecond technology instead of Nano second technology – this ensures that the impact is accurate and it obliterates the ink allowing the body to wash it away TWICE as quickly as any other laser on the market.

Tattoo removal is not an exact science, depending on the tattoo the immediate results can be quite astounding and gratifying but then there are the other tattoos that do not show movement until after a few treatments, this can be frustrating but we know that it is still working and that the results will be visible after three or so treatments.

This client came to us for tattoo removal, this is before any treatments and after three treatments – this lovely client has reported feeling a little bruised and itchy for four to five days after treatment but experiences NO blistering and NO broken skin at all…. as it should be!

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