Tattoo Removal in five easy steps!

Tattoo Removal in five easy steps!

Tattoo Removal can be quite simple if you follow some simple rules.

1. Do your research!!!! Victoria has very relaxed rules when it comes to operating a laser, (actually there are really no rules). This includes all laser applications – tattoo removal, laser hair removal, laser rejuvenation, laser pigment removal, any laser treatment.

Don’t assume your local clinic has trained operators, don’t feel embarrassed to ask the question that could save you from severe scarring – “Does your technician have training?”.  It is not necessary for your clinician to be a doctor or a nurse but they should be trained in laser safety and experienced with the particular laser they are using.

2. Have a consult or at least a telephone conversation with your clinician prior to your first laser tattoo removal treatment. Price is always an important part of the tattoo removal decision as it is costly and takes a big commitment, but you want to know that the clinic you choose will assess your skin for suitability, as skin types 5 & 6 can be damaged during laser treatments.

First Impressions will not treat clients with skin types 4 or 5 without a test patch – after all it is your skin, is removing a tattoo worth leaving a scar? We don’t believe it is, so we’d prefer to er on the side of caution (we do not treat skin type 6).

3. Stretch your appointments out, you should only be treated once every 6 weeks at a minimum, treatments spaced any closer are a waist of money (and only financially benefit the clinic you are attending). It puts your skin at risk of trauma and can render your tattoo untreatable.  Every 8 weeks is perfect!

4. Once again it’s all about the research – read up on the difference between older lasers such as Q-switched and then compare the technology and results of a PicoSure and you will come to the conclusion that if you want the fastest, safest possible tattoo  removal there is really only one choice – the PicoSure!

5. Listen to your technician, tattoo removal after care is quite simple and you should follow the instructions given to you and apply the same after every tattoo removal appointment.  After care is not difficult and if followed will ensure you do not suffer any unnecessary trauma – “For the 8 hours following your visit you are required to ice the area for 10 minute intervals every 1/2 hour”(some clients with large tattoos increase this).

Tattoo Removal - you get what you've paid for!


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