Tattoo Removal, Obliterating Greens and Blues!

Tattoo Removal, Obliterating Greens and Blues!

Did you know that most tattoo removal laser treatments cannot get rid of Greens and Blues. Up until the PicoSure Laser was introduced to Australia nearly two years ago, it was just a fact of life that you’d probably be able to get rid of most of your tattoo but be stuck with the greens and blues.  Thanks to the PicoSure Laser we can now successfully treat all colours especially the most stubborn of all!

Using Picosecond technology and an innovative energy delivery method tattoo removal for greens and blues is now a breeze. These colours fade as fast, if not faster than all the other colours on the spectrum.

First Impressions work hard to bring clients only the best in all their services and tattoo removal is their specialty.  Offering PicoSure laser tattoo removal ensures the safest, fastest and in the long run the most cost effective tattoo removal option available today.  We also offer free consultations if you just want to sit and chat about how the laser works and if it’s the best option for you.

There are many other laser tattoo removal options available and some of these are offered by reputable well trained clinicians or technicians, however there are also many clinics that offer laser tattoo removal and have no training, some have even admitted to us that they’ve purchased their laser off eBay!  BUT one thing all of these other clinics have is firstly they cannot offer you the PicoSure laser which removes tattoo in much less time than the older technology, secondly none of them can achieve total clearance of green and blue inks.  So when choosing a clinic for laser tattoo removal choose ask yourself, are they trained, do they have a quality laser and most importantly do they have a PicoSure!

The PicoSure melts those blues away....

The PicoSure melts those blues away….

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