Tattoo removal on a cross from the eighties.

Tattoo removal on a cross from the eighties.

Tattoo removal on a cross from the eighties.

As most people who were teenagers in the 80’s this lovely client has a few regrets and a few of those regrets are her tattoos, so she came to us for tattoo removal.  During her consultation we discussed how the Picosure laser accomplished tattoo removal, the cost, time involved per treatment, and number of treatments. She has a few tattoos that she wants to be rid of but is first trying a cross which sits just in from her hip bone.

In the initial tattoo removal consultation we had thought it would take up to eight visits as it was a very dark saturated ink but it has pleasantly surprised both her and the staff at First Impressions Laser clinic as she has responded very well to treatment and the tattoo is fading very fast.

This tattoo removal client has had no side effects from treatment, simply icing the area afterward as prescribed and, as with pretty much all of our clients, has experienced no blistering, she has reported that occasionally it  gets itchy a day after treatment but apart from that it’s easy going, as we expect for all of our clients.

If you have a tattoo regret, no matter how big or small there is no need to live with it for the rest of your life.  When attending a reputable clinic with highly trained, experienced staff tattoo removal is a safe and successful option with tattoos being removed completely with no scarring left behind when using a PicoSure Laser. So call and have a chat with one of our tattoo removal specialists over the phone or book a free consultation on 0428 265 086.

This is one tattoo regret that may no be around much longer.

This dark black tattoo may be gone in as little as four treatments, thanks to tattoo removal performed on our lovely PicoSure Laser.



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