Tattoo removal on extremities, how difficult is it?

Tattoo removal on extremities, how difficult is it?

Tattoo removal on extremities, how difficult is it?

The PicoSure Laser is an amazing machine, it’s the first development in tattoo removal for over 20 years and the pico second technology beats nano technology ‘hands down’.

For tattoo removal the PicoSure is an impact laser that literally blasts the tattoo ink particles.  Comparing the size of the ink particles that have been blasted with the Pico to ink particles blasted by a nano second laser, i.e. a Q-switched, the difference is astounding (the difference can be likened to dust and sand particles), this means that the body can eliminate the ink twice as fast.

We have however found that the location of the tattoo can mean movement may be a little slower – tattoo removal performed on the neck and torso are very gratifying and drop out can be seen quite early. Where as tattoo removal on the extremities can be a much slower process – this is because the body uses the immune system to rid the body of the ink particles.

This ankle tattoo is proving easier to remove than first thought.

There are however some exceptions to the rule – like the lady pictured above, her tattoo is on the foot just under the ankle and as you can see from the photo the clearance is fantastic and this is after only one session of tattoo removal, we would hope to see her totally ink free in well under the estimated eight treatments (hopefully three). We have many clients and each have obviously attended different tattoo studios and some have had there tattoos done overseas, these are all huge factors as to how fast the tattoo clears as ink composition can differ greatly as can the depth that the tattooist applies the ink.

Tattoo removal is a specialist field and it is important to ensure that your chosen clinic has the latest technology, training and experience. First Impressions Laser Clinic has all of these qualities. For a free consultation call 0428 265 086

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