Tattoo removal should NOT result in blistering.

Tattoo removal should NOT result in blistering.

Tattoo removal should NOT result in blistering.

We get many clients with nightmare tattoo removal stories, they’ve been burnt, or blistered so badly they’ve had to take days of work and when they called their laser clinic in panic they were told “that’s normal, it is actually good” IT’S NOT!

Blistering can cause scarring and other complications which means that you may not be able to rid yourself of all the ink and may now be left with permanent scarring or discolouration of the skin.  Yes sometimes you can experience minor, I repeat minor, blistering, these are rare and usually only experienced on clients who do not adhere to the ‘aftercare advise’ or have extremely sensitive skin, but large gruesome blisters are usually experienced because a clinician is inexperienced or has gone too aggressing.

What to expect when you come in for tattoo removal at First Impressions on your first visit…..

  • Medical forms need to be completed and checked
  • Skin assessment
  • Cleansing of area to be treated
  • Before photo
  • Ice (until area is sufficiently cold)
  • Test patch (this test is to insure no physical reaction to la

if you are experiencing this at your current clinic, maybe you should do a little more research. First Impressions Laser Clinic use only PicoSure technology for total, scar free tattoo removal. 0402 698 8630402 698 863

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