Tattoo removal, we keep surprising even ourselves……

Tattoo removal, we keep surprising even ourselves……

Amazing tattoo removal results once again…..

First Impressions Laser Clinic are patting themselves on the back once again for the decision to purchase the PicoSure for tattoo removal.

This lovely lady has had only two treatments – the results from her first were AMAZING now six weeks post second treatment, the results are a little more subtle but still fantastic! I love treating this client, although she finds the treatments extremely difficult, she stays calm and just chats through it, asking for breaks when she needs it.

There are so many different reactions to tattoo removal using laser,

  • some people it seems don’t even notice it being done, they just chat or play on their phones
  • some people breath through it, a little like a expectant mum in labour
  • some can only handle it in very short 10 second bursts
  • some swear
  • some ask how many seconds it will take and count through it
  • others just suck on lolly pops

But there is one thing they all have in common, they are all super happy with the results and always come back for their next laser tattoo removal treatment – even knowing it is not a comfortable experience.  Thankfully though we can now offer fantastic topical numbing creams of different strengths and for those who don’t have a high tolerance for pain opt to come in an hour before treatment and have cream applied.

Which ever type of person you are, come into First Impressions and we promise to make you as comfortable during the experience as you can be.

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