The art of tattoo removal for a cover up.

The art of tattoo removal for a cover up.

The art of tattoo removal for a cover up

Since moving to Smith Street, Collingwood our tattoo removal clientele have changed, we have many more people looking for partial tattoo removal.

Every one has seen the ‘cover up’ television shows that depict an artist doing amazing work over an old tattoo – don’t get me wrong the work they do is amazing, but the tattoo always has to be bigger and so much darker, if like our clients they took the time to have just two tattoo removal treatments with us on the PicoSure they would have many more options.

Our client want old artwork lightened, this can be for a few reasons,

  • They want to have different colours put into the art
  • The original artist may have been a little experienced and shaky
  • The original artist took it upon themselves to do a little free hand
  • The art is old and smudged and needs cleaning up
  • The client wants a new piece put over the top and having a few treatments to lighten the area first gives the tattoo artists so many more options with the new art.

Tattoo removal is a growing business, but it takes experience and a steady hand to be able to remove parts of a tattoo, to know how much ink needs to be gone for a successful coverup.

Don’t forget tattoo removal performed with the PicoSure can mean you are ready to be back in the chair twice as quick as any other laser. So make sure when you are doing your research you ask the question – Do you use a PicoSure Laser for Tattoo Removal.

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